Hi There,
I'm Erainna Winnett. Wife | Mom | School Counselor | Children's Book Author
Welcome to my little blog.

Happily married to a real-life cowboy (who is also my personal muse), I write my children's books on a beautiful 300-acre cattle ranch by the southern Oklahoma riverside. When I'm not Oklahoma-bound, I enjoy going on cruises. To date, I've taken over 10 of them (Jamaica, Bahamas, Key West, Cayman Islands, Mexico, Belize, and Honduras). Above all else, I love spending time with my wonderful family.

I was born and raised in central Louisiana. The oldest of five children I always yearned to be a teacher and forced my siblings to play school year round. Naturally, I graduated with a teaching degree in 1995 and earned my Master's degree in 2000. Five years later I earned my Education Specialist degree in early childhood education. After fifteen years in the classroom, I moved to the role of school counselor and I've never been happier.

While serving as school counselor at an elementary school in northeast Texas, I frequently use children's books as therapy to help my students heal, learn, and grow. Ideas for my books come from the students I work with on a daily basis. My goal, as an author, is to touch the hearts of children, one story at a time.

10 Fun Facts 

1. I'm married to a mustachoied pantomath.
2. I have two daughters and an amazing son-in-law.
3. My favorite vacation involves being on a cruise ship.
4. I'm a self-proclaimed chocoholic.
5. I love animals and really want to own goats one day.
6. I've read every Nicholas Sparks book at least three times.
7. My husband and I live on a 300 acre cattle ranch in Oklahoma.
8. I swam with stingrays while on vacation in the Cayman Islands.
9. Number one on my bucket list is seeing the Aurora Borealis in Finland.
10. I think Netflix is the coolest thing ever and I spend way too much time binge watching cheesy sitcoms.