School Counselor Office Tour

I work on an elementary campus (K-4) in north Texas with an enrollment of around 460 students. I am fortunate that I have a large office space with areas for small groups, individual sessions, a calm down corner, and room for activities on the floor. I will share where I bought items (if I can remember). Please note that I am not an affiliate of any of these companies just sharing my office space with you.

I love my dual monitor standing desk. It really helps me to stretch when I've been working on gathering data and preparing for a meeting or administering an assessment. I bought mine at Amazon. I also love the window behind my desk; it allows me to see what the weather is like and fills my office with sunshine. I bought the two yellow chairs from Wayfair.

Book Ledge behind my it!!!! #SocialEmotionalLearningBooks

This is a small dining table that I chalk painted over the summer. I decided to go with a different color for each chair and I think it turned out lovely. The kids really enjoy having Lunch Bunch with me and believe it or not, they don't argue over the chair color. It really is the small things :) #Blessings

For my little ones this area is perfect to put together a puzzle or play a boardgame. I bought the pillows  at Walmart and the two white tables from Ikea. I also chalk painted those white.

The only thing I kept when I moved into this office was the tranquil sky rug. I'm not sure where it came from but I have it near this play center. When students come in and need a few minutes to settle down or if they earn a Fun Pass to my office we will play Legos, or games right here on the carpet. The kids love it while I'm still adjusting to getting up and down on the rug. 

When students first enter my office they sign in using a flower pen. This dresser I bought from Facebook Marketplace for $40 and it sits near my Calm Corner. I turn on the music and set the little blue timer when students need a few minutes to gather their thoughts or calm their emotions.

Here is my Calm Corner. There are calm down toys inside the baskets in the dresser and a lamp when I turn the lights down. I was lucky to find this chair for $10 from Facebook Marketplace. Facebook Marketplace is a goldmine for counselors and teachers. #TrashtoTreasure

I have two bookshelves on opposite sides of the room. I took the same material from the curtains and hot-glued it to the doors of the upper shelves. One is used for game storage and the other holds books that are easily accessible for my students.

As I mentioned earlier, I'm blessed to have such a large office space where students feel comfortable and have a variety of activities and areas to enjoy the Counselor's Office.